Ms. LSU Alexandria

Current Ms. LSUA

The pageant tradition at LSU Alexandria began in 1961 when the male student body voted Ramona Dupuy as "LSUA Favorite" at the annual Christmas Ball. This tradition continued until 1978 when 13 students were judged by a panel of area judges in the areas of poise, personality, and scholastic ability. In 1986 the university became a member of the Miss America Scholarship Pageant, Inc. and the pageant evolved into a preliminary event for the Miss Louisiana Pageant. Contestants participated in a talent, swimsuit, and evening gown competition. In 1993 the pageant became independent of it's affiliation with the Miss America Scholarship Pageant and although the scholarship remained, the talent and swimsuit components of the competition were eliminated. In 1997, as the student body profile continued to change from traditional aged students to non-traditional aged students, the Miss LSUA Pageant became the Ms. LSUA Pageant. For the first time in its history, the pageant included married students and students with children. Another important change took place in 1999 when part-time students became eligible to compete for the title of Ms. LSUA and the Chancellor's Scholarship.

As the university moves forward in it's fifth decade, the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant committee continues to offer a quality scholarship competition for female students. The winner of the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant will earn a $1000 Chancellor's Scholarship. It is the mission of the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant committee to encourage students' academic and professional development by requiring that the contestants maintain a 2.5 grade point average, attend workshops on professional interviewing techniques and interface with a chosen faculty member (mentor) who will help them speak effectively concerning their chosen platform topic.

Duties of Ms. LSU Alexandria

Ms. LSU Alexandria serves as a representative for the campus and is called upon to attend certain student activities and campus events. She is also appointed to various campus committees and traditionally leads the pledge of allegiance during the fall and spring commencement ceremonies. At times, Ms. LSU Alexandria is invited to make various public appearances in the community (such as parades and High School competitions) and she is also invited by the Chancellor each spring to introduce herself at the Board of Supervisors meeting in Baton Rouge. Most importantly, Ms. LSU Alexandria is asked to select a pertinent focus for the year of her reign.

Contestant Requirements

  • Must have completed at least twelve hours and have an overall G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher.
  • Must be an active member of one of the LSU Alexandria Student Organizations.
  • Must be taking at least six hours each semester.
  • Must plan to attend LSU Alexandria the full academic year following the pageant.
  • Must complete a registration form and turn in to Student Services, Room 206.
  • Must submit a platform topic and be prepared to answer questions concerning the topic during the contestant interview and Saturday evening pageant.
  • Must attend the following activities:
    1. Contestant Luncheon
    2. Meet the Contestants Day
    3. Campus Mardi Gras Parade
    4. Pre-pageant workshops on: Selecting a Platform Topic, Interview Techniques, Poise, and Wardrobe Selection
    5. Pageant Rehearsals
    6. Afternoon Interview
    7. Grand Dress Rehearsal
  • Accept responsibility for providing wardrobe for the following: Interview, Pageant Opening Number, Casual Wear Round and Evening Wear Round.
  • Sell at least $150 in program ads (printed pageant program given to pageant audience) or pay $50 entry fee.


Ms. LSU Alexandria will receive a Chancellor's Scholarship in the amount of $500 per semester for a total of $1000 for the year.

The First Runner-Up will receive a Chancellor's Scholarship in the amount of $250 per semester for a total of $500 for the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I be married and still compete in the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant?
    Yes, the competition is open to married and single students.
  2. Can I compete if I am over 25?
    Yes, the competition is open to non-traditional as well as traditional aged students.
  3. Will I have to wear a swimsuit or have a talent in order to compete?
    No, since the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant is not associated with the Miss Louisiana Pageant, there is no swimsuit or talent competition.
  4. Do I need to have previous pageant experience in order to compete?
    No, the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant is not a "typical" pageant in that the focus is on the contestant's knowledge of LSU Alexandria, her major and future career, as well as her platform topic. The Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant committee has developed an extensive training program for all contestants in order to help prepare them for the pageant competition.
  5. Will I be assigned a platform topic?
    No, you may choose whatever topic you wish. However, most platform topics are related to the contestant's major, career, or campus/community interests.
  6. Can I compete in the Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant if I am a part time student?
    Yes, if you are taking at least six hours at LSU Alexandria you may compete in the pageant.

Contestant Training

The Ms. LSU Alexandria Pageant training schedule (including workshops, events and rehearsals) is scheduled during times which will not conflict with the contestant's class schedules. Dates and times will be announced at a later date.

  • Workshops: Choosing a Platform TopicInterviewing SkillsPoise and PresentationWardrobe Selection
  • Events: Contestant Luncheon & Photo ShootMeet the ContestantsLSU Alexandria Mardi Gras ParadeInterview with Judges
  • Rehearsals: Opening Number rehearsalsCasual Wear & Evening Wear RehearsalsGrand Dress Rehearsal